The founders of Wine Country Network formed the Denver International Spirits Competition in 2011. Wine Country Network is a leading producer of professional beverage competitions in Wine, Spirits and Beer. The DISC is one of just a handful of international spirits competition worldwide. In 2016 we received more than 100% more entries than the previous year. Our competition is open to all commercial/ craft distillers, importers and distributors of distilled spirits


The Denver International Spirits Competition is judged double blind by a panel of highly regarded beverage professionals. Our judging panel consists of sommeliers, retail buyers, journalists, mixologists and beverage directors. All judges undergo a daily calibration class designed to maintain consistent evaluation and scoring of all spirits.


The award process is based on scores. Therefore it is possible to see multiple awards in some categories and fewer awards in categories that contestants underscored.


All winners receive a handsome die-cast medal within 6 weeks of the actual competition date. To aide in helping with post marketing efforts, we provide free access to award graphics immediately after announcing winners. All winners are also publicized in post competition press releases and on DENVERSPIRITSCOMP.COM